Manufacturing Approach

We strictly adhere to our Quality Assurance Policy which is well defined, implemented in true sense and recorded in line with ISO 9001:2008 with the aim to make our products to fulfil our client’s requirement in true sense.

We at Transpower India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. established following fool-proof process steps to do perfect job both individually and collectively.

  • Selection of superior quality low loss CRGO sheets, stringent inward inspection, aim to achieve lowest core loss.
  • Selection of, High conductivity electrolytic copper conductors insulated with either NOMEX or paper cover aiming to achieve low temperature rise.
  • Selection of class H grade insulation material like Nomex, Silica Rubber , Glass Epoxy and selected grade plastic moulded parts to manufacture dry type transformers and chokes.
  • Selection of suitable grade press boards, kraft insulating paper, seasoned wood to suit different location of assembly aiming to achieve stress free, firm coil assembly with best electrical insulation.
  • Selection of high quality electrical grade ceramic bushings with pure brass parts which are 100% tested & passed from our IQC to use as insulators for HV side & LV side.
  • Dry type transformer coils are vacuum-impregnated with polyamide resin and cured for 12 hours at 130⁰c in an electric oven.
  • Well designed precision jigs & fixtures used by highly skilled & experienced technicians to carry assemblies & subassemblies aiming to achieve consistency in quality.
  • Selected High tensile steel fasteners, special quality rubberised cork, synthetic cork sheets, good seasoned wood blocks at right locations to achieve vibration proof, stress free & leak proof assembly to have long life to the transformer to perform.
  • The tanks bodies are fabricated using high quality CRC sheets with adequate thickness. Welding is done by Argon welding process with electronically controlled current source welding equipment to achieve uniform, flawless joints. The tank is tested along with welded joints for radiators & valves by applying pressure with oil, without oil along with stress test to ensure flawless, air tight oil tank. Fabricated tank is grit blasted to remove rust completely before going for painting process. Special high thermal conductivity alloy steel ultra-thin, resistance welded radiator fins are used for radiators. Each radiator is tested individually with pressure to ensure leak proof and then go for painting process.
  • High grade, low viscosity with high dielectric strength transformer oil of reputed make is chosen to achieve good thermal conduction plus high electrical insulation.
  • Types Of Testing

    Routine Test :

    • Winding resistance
    • voltage/turns ratio
    • impedance voltage /short circuit test
    • induced voltage test
    • Di-electric test
    • Insulation resistance
    • No load Loss / No load current
    • Percentage of impedance
    • Load Loss , efficiency
    • Noise level
    • Oil BDV test

    Type Test :

    • Winding temperature rise
    • Impulse test
    • short circuit test

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